Sunday, 14 February 2010

Week 6 of 365

The last week before half term break!
39/365 - Monday
Got the ironing out ready but too tired...

40/365 - Tuesday
still there...

41/365 - Wednesday
Desperate measures. I ironed a few things to wear, to keep me clean and tidy at work these next few days. 3 outfits and 3 more sleeps to go.

42/365 - Thursday
Bin night. My re-cycling challenge.
The bin men have nicked 2 of my glass recycling bags. Now I have no recycling bag.
I put my empty glasses in my own bag with a friendly note.... Let's see what happens...

43/365 - Friday
My delivery challenge. I left my shopping purchases behind in the store. They tried to deliver it today whilst I was at work.

Oh, and the bin men... took my bag... and didn't leave me anything in return.
Bag Nickers.
44/365 - Saturday
Admitted defeat and put the ironing away. It is half term next week and have a new pile of ironing now to add to the pile.

45/365 - Sunday
Happy Valentines Day!

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