Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Pastels and Pancakes.

Today is day 2 of my half term break.
Loving It!
Met up for lunch and shopping with my friend Canev, who came to see me today.
We did afternoon tea too.
I re-confirmed my suspicions that the reason I like vanilla slice is because of the layer of icing on the top.
I did eat all of it, just to make sure!

I came home and had fun with my new pack of pastels.

Remember my thoughts on Sunday, Valentines Day?
the line from a hymn, If with His love He befriend me has been tumbling through my mind and heart these last few days.
So I did this.

Then I made and ate pancakes!
With lemon and sugar.

I suppose, tomorrow will bring my next challenge.
What to give up for Lent?

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  1. Cute artwork, Luci! New packages of pastels are so much fun~


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