Saturday, 6 February 2010

Saturday Sew and So

So Today, Saturday, Abbie and Jen and I did some more sewing on these banners that we are working on for our church.

We had Fun!

We have been a bit frustrated that when we meet on a Thursday night, we seem to get so little sewing done. Also, we did start them ages ago and really want to get them finished by Easter if we can.
So, it was good to have a good few hours to sew and chat and mess around with fabrics and ideas.

Quite a productive day!

Here is how the 2 banners are looking now :-)

Of course there was lots of time for tea and cake and chocolate bread!

I also made these Peanut Butter and White Chocolate Blondies!

I used a yummy recipe from my Rachel Allen book called: BAKE!
There are just a few left to take to our bring and share tomorrow at church for lunch. If I manage to bring any, I will feel very virtuous. If I manage to share any, it will be quite a miracle.

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