Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Wednesday's Turn the Page Tuesday.

Yes, I know it is Wednesday and I am a day late for Turn The Page Tuesday...sorry, but...Yippee!
I finally finished this book:The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.
It took me waaay toooo long to read just the last few pages. I had nearly finished it a few months ago and then, fatally, left it unfinished.
Tonight, I relaxed in the bath and read the last few pages.
An intriguing book, magical in places. A love story, tangled lives, mystery surrounding the Cemetery of Forgotten books set in Barcelona. It is set in a beautiful city, where I have been and the book was recently translated into English. It would have been better if I had completed it a few months ago before I fatally put it down and left it as I rather lost the flow with it towards the end.
I had this book recommended to me as I had so loved reading The Time Traveller's Wife, which is brilliant brilliant brilliant! the movie is good but the book is wonderful.
If you want me to tell you more, I can!!!
In my mini pile to read next is his next book: The Angel's Game.

Also, as recommended on Turn The Page Tuesday a couple of months ago - Water For Elephants by Sara Gruen

and The Winter House by Nicci Gerrard.

I have had a busy few months with job searching and starting a new job in January.I got these 3 books as one of the 3 for 2 deals at Waterstones for my Christmas treat. I was sooo tempted to start but also wanted to finish Shadow of the Wind. I am now beginning to re-surface from starting my new job and looking forward to tackling my mini pile of chosen books!
You can check out other inspiring reviews and participants for TTPT over at some of a Kind here
So now I am really looking forward to starting a new book - and it is half term week mid February... yeah.
I am sooo looking forward to hibernating.
Question is...
Which one first?


  1. OH yea! I'm so glad you participated. I hope you love WFE - I certainly did! You most certainly can take the 'logo' for TTPT. What I would do is right click over the image then chose to copy it - then save it on your computer (somewhere you can find it again - ha ha!). Then under your layout page choose to ad a picture. Then were it has the http link ad this link to it:
    That will take someone to were TTPT is explained. I hope that helps!

  2. I LOVE the covers of The Shadow of the Wind and The Angels Game. They look intriguing and Yes, I do pick my books by just the covers sometimes!
    Glad you joined in the fun!

  3. My vote is Water for Elephants... it's AWESOME!
    Funny little connection... I read Water for Elephants one month, then Shadow of the Wind the next.

    I absolutely loved Shadow... one of my favorites of all times.

  4. Reading is one of my favorite passtimes, but like you sometimes life gets in the way. I had a book I started last summer & just gave up on it not to long ago. I did read a few inbetween.

  5. Hi Luci! I had to pop back over and tell you that I read Water For Elephants a month or so ago and absolutely loved it. Really a good book.
    I'm reading a huge chunkster right now that is kind of slow going. It might be one that has to be put aside for awhile!


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