Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 12 for Creativity Bootcamp

Creativity Bootcamp Day 12 had the creativity prompt: SMOOTH

So sit and enjoy a coffee, as you read some of the notes from my journal, following the journal prompt for Day 12.
We were asked to look at the dreams we have and look at the tiny baby steps we might take, as they might seem too big, for them to begin to achieve them. our dreams as children were limitless, perhaps silly and impractical but then as adults we just throw them all away. How can we remove some of the obstacles, smooth and make level the pathways for dreams to be fulfilled?
Some of the dreams I have for the future are still the marriage and family dream.
One of the things I wrote in my list for this year was to look at making my house bigger or to move to a bigger house. The impossible dream. And I love my house. But it is not big enough for children, currently. I had the fostering team come out and visit last year and they said it would need to be set up with my second bedroom set out as a spare room. Currently it is my spare room and office. Hmm. What would i do with all my stuff. I can't chuck it all out. Crafting, admin, stuff is all still needed but would need to go elsewhere. Loft? Maybe. Having spare bedrooms would then open up the opportunity for looking deeper into adoption/fostering possibilities.
Scary stuff and a risk. I go round in circles, thinking: Oh the mess of having my loft done and Can I afford it? Is my loft space suitable for a loft conversion? Will I have the energy, the capacity for children? What if I move or get my loft converted and then the adoption/fostering team turn me down?
This quote from Day 12 says:
" And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk took to blossom."
Over the last year and a half I have had the words of encouragement to enlarge my tent and to extend my borders and to think big. I think these are some of the tiny baby steps I need to do next.
What about you?
It's time.
Seize the Day.
time to take a few risks.
To launch into my destiny.

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