Sunday, 20 June 2010

Day 13 for the end of Creative Bootcamp

I am on a roll now with posting all the thoughts tumbling from my heart into my journal and the photos gathered form this bootcamp. I love this quote from Day 13
"Life beats you down and crushes the soul and art reminds you that you have one."
There is the challenge to set some goals for maintaining creativity to feed the soul, listed as a few promises. Reminded me of promising to keep the Brownie Guide Law!

Anyway, some of the suggested promises I loved:

To be kind to my creative spirit.
(This last year I had the phrase to be kind to myself, so this is very much part of it for me.)

To cultivate relationships with people who share my creative interests.
(sounds fun and will help inspire, nurture and breathe creative life in order to grow.)

To call myself an artist.
(Ouch. The hard one. Right there. The challenge. The nail on the head. The one that makes me squirm.)

The creative prompt word: SMILE
I am sure he is smiling, don't you agree?

Creativity Bootcamp, thank you.
The End.

Or, just the beginning?

The fresh springboard into creativity.
Where future creativity begins.
by Luci, the artist.


  1. hi luci
    thank you for stopping by simplyfeather today! i have enjoyed reading your thoughts from cbc...there was so much growth to be had through that process! keep your artistic self going!

  2. Your cat is so cute. He (she?) definitely looks to be smiling. Congrats on finishing Boot Camp!!!


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