Saturday, 10 July 2010

A week of 365

Sunday 185/365 Wimbledon Final.Traditional strawberries whilst watching it on the telly!

Monday 186/365 The Rhino Hunt begins!

Tuesday 187/365 Tudur is not the only one who is tired!

Wednesday 188/365 couldn't help laughing about my heavy handbag.

Thursday 189/365 I think we have all come to a halt with this book, despite the title and sub-heading of chapter 8 seems to say it all.

Friday 190/365 Been looking for this one, apparently hiding at the gym!

Saturday 191/365 A well earned rest after helping Abbie and Tim move house.


  1. Great photos. We really had to hunt for the rhino at Doubletrees

  2. Fun pics! Those Rhino's are so cool - loving seeing them on the blogs. Also lol on how cats can sleep!


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