Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Art House Day

Today I went to see my friend Fiona's art at an exhibition held here
I went with my friend and I was thankful it has been such a beautiful day, to be in an open top sports car (even if my hair now has a whole new meaning to the 1980's style of "back-combing" - remember the scene in Bridget Jones?)
We annoyed the sat nav, as one of the anticipated roads was closed and it kept trying to re-route us, asking us to do a legal U-turn and to repeatedly turn left. We ignored it many times, follwed the diversion signs until we got confused with several diversion sign options in differing directions and finally did a big de-tour. Eventually the sat nav said (rather firmly we thought): "go straight ahead until further instruction." We just giggled.
The house was amazing, as was the art and the rather delicious champagne. We were even amazed at the dog who jigged the door handle several times, before cleverly letting himself in. Sadly, the dog was quickly put on a lead and taken back outside and whilst we each chose our favourite top three pieces of art, we didn't actually buy any.
Not today, anyway.

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