Tuesday, 6 July 2010

Shimelle's new class

I am joining in with this new online class, as recommended by my friend Rachel over at my slightly crazy world. Rachel has done a few before and she raves about it. She is also very talented so I thought I too can learn and would enjoy it a lot.It is a class run by Shimelle. check it out here. It started on Monday but I didn't seem to have had the prompt. Presumably a technical glitch. I got it last night! Yippee. Meanwhile, I have been going on a bit of tour.
These have appeared all over our city. Overnight it seems.
This was the first one I spotted on Monday morning.

The rhino hunt has begun.


  1. I haven't started Shimelle's class yet. I think I'll play catch up tomorrow. It's far too difficult to spend all day taking photos with two children in tow. Great rhino picture.

  2. Lovin' the Rhinos - just came from "my slightly crazy..." lol I need to catch up on reading Shim's prompts!


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