Sunday, 11 July 2010


I have been thinking about the word DENIM and all it conjours up in my mind this week, in response to the prompt over at the sunday creative.
The opportuity for me to link in this week on her blog directly is now too late, but here is my creative bit in honour of the word: "denim"
Lazy days, holidays, relaxing days, working days, painting days,
Any days, most days.
Cropped, grunge, baggy, bootleg, bootcut, flares, drainpipe, ripped.
Navy blue, dark blue, light blue, any blue.
White denim, black denim, pink denim, sparkly denim - any denim - I've had them all.
Skinny fit,
Tight fit,
Any fit,
Might fit,
Don't fit,
Won't fit.
Ripped jeans, torn jeans, frayed jeans, worn jeans.
Slouch look,
Grunge look,
Baggy look,
Ridiculous look,
Don't look (builder's bum)
Designer look.
That would be nice!
Please look.
Nice jeans, bargain jeans, comfy jeans, well worn jeans, his jeans, worn out jeans. Favourite jeans,
lovely jeans.
Levi, wrangler, high street, my street, your street.
My jeans, your jeans, I love my jeans.
Forever in blue jeans.

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