Saturday, 10 July 2010

The Rhino Hunt Begins

I went for a loooong walk earlier this week in search of a few of the 62 rhino that landed in our city on Monday and the quest to find the 116 mini rhino that arrived with them.
I have found about 18 large rhino this week and 1 mini rhino.
Rhino Mania is around my city until September as part of our summer festival and is called Wild in Art.
The larger rhino's seem to be sponsored by local businesses and done by artists and the mini ones are done by primary school children in the area.

A few months ago, we had a small plain white one arrive that I signed for when it was delivered, complete with a compiled welcome pack containing rhino art ideas, instructions and information on rhino's in the wild where I work. It was quickly donned it in a cowboy hat and blanket and it stood in our entrance way for weeks to say hello to. He was then duly painted and varnished before being collected to join all the other rhino to appear this week in and around the city.
Waiting to be discovered and hunted.
I decided to wander and meander, to enjoy the discovery and surprise and to just happen upon a few, rather than download the map of where they all are.
I will gradually begin to post the rhino for you to see and enjoy, as I discover and photograph them.
The one I spotted whilst driving on Monday Morning on my way to work:

After spotting the first on the roundabout on Monday morning, this White rhino was my first walking discovery in my local park on my Rhino Hunt. I think he is very grand.

Rhino clock is outside tourist information. I love these colours and the clock on his back looks cool.

Romana Rhino was proudly, perhaps ceremoniously, stood in the amphitheatre. The amphitheatre wall is due to be painted by a muralist to give the illusion of the finished amphitheatre.

I found this one in the Roman Garden.

More to show soon.


  1. Oh what fun! I the blue one with the clock - it's so pretty ... I'd like some fabric with that pattern ;-)


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