Sunday, 4 July 2010

Creative Night With Luci

It was my turn to be creative on Thursday Night with the girls. I had forgotten, of course, so it all felt like a bit of a rush to get things out the bag in time. Thankfully, one of the girls reminded me and as I had months ago given it some thought, I just needed to find the materials around the house for what I needed.
Here are a few kind of step by step ideas, if you wish to make your own hearts to hang. Hang in kitchens, decorations, hang in wardrobes, great gifts.

You need:
1x heart shape to use as a template. (I did half a heart shape and cut out the material folded in half to ensure it was symmetrical- the easy way. Use squared paper/graph paper or tracing paper or just paper for your heart pattern shape. If you can't draw a heart then print one out to cut out.
You could do circle/hexagonal shapes - or triangles (these would make funky Christmas trees!) The size of heart is up to you. Too small is fiddly to sew, if you haven't gone round curved edges/corners much before on a machine - and awkward to turn inside out at the end!
(Our hearts were about 20cms x 20cms square pieces of fabric to start.)
2x pieces of fabric in colours of your choice, a bit of ribbon, some wadding/quilting to pad out your heart and a piece of lining/plain cheap cotton fabric to sew onto the top/bottom side of your quilting so it doesn't all get mashed up in your sewing machine. (How many times have I done that before when quilting things? Too many. I learned the hard way, believe me!) You may wish to have some fancy bits to add like buttons or sequins or sew on a tag saying "with love", which I made from printed ribbon.
you might also want some smelly stuff like pot pourri, dried lavender, herbs or scented sachets if you like.

1. cut out your 3x pieces of fabric and your 1x piece of wadding.

2. pin your piece of ribbon folded upside down vertically down the inside of one of your heart shapes. You will stitch this in place as you sew it together. If the fabric is patterned you put the ribbon on the "pretty side", as we called it, facing up. (the official term would be right side facing)

3. place the other really "pretty fabric" upside down on top of this piece, so both "pretty sides" are facing each other with the ribbon in between. Like a sandwich!
4. place on top the wadding/quilting shape
5. place on top of this the piece of lining/plain cotton fabric.
6. pin it all in place

7. carefully sew around most of the edge of your shape, leaving a small hem, so it doesn't fray. You will need to leave a gap open(it is easiest to use most of one of the straight edges. Trust me, I know!)
8. Turn it inside out and pour in some smelly stuff, if you like.
9. Turn in the remaining edge and hand sew (a simple over sew stitch) to seal it together.
10. add buttons or whatever and keep it or give your heart away.

Have fun and eat yummy cake!
Tudur had fun choosing his fabric

and we ate yummy cake!
Enjoy x


  1. Thanks for dropping by. The tags are for a swap on UK Scrappers for July. Its the second one I've been involved with so I hope they go down okay!

    I forgot to look on the Sunday Creative yesterday so will have to catch up.
    Are you still doing it?

  2. Cute hearts! And the cake looks yummy! Love how the cats always love to lay on what we are working on! lol


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