Wednesday, 28 April 2010

The Gym Tail Begins.

I have never been to a gym before. That is, until last week when I went to look around one. It was lovely. Peaceful, impressive and local.
I joined.

What do you think?
I feel brave and scared all at once.

I decided that I wanted to swim again. I haven't swum for a year since being poorly with post viral fatigue and I miss it. I really miss it.
I could probably go to gymophobics, which would no doubt cater for me very well with my lack of gym experience, but they have no pool. I want to swim and if I get some gym fit experience too then that will be a bonus.

The local pool where I used to swim is freezing cold, mostly and as it is the local swimming club practise club, does swimming lessons,so there is limited public times available for me and the best one for me is too late at night as I still need my sleep at night.

Last year, my progress has been working from walking 10 min utes a day and last term to be back at work full time in a new job and have remaining energy for a few things in the evenings and weekends.

Now I am looking at increasing my energy capacity.

So, I decided that, as I enjoyed swimming over Easter so much that I would look into going somewhere warm to enjoy swimming and finding somewhere that might look after me a bit considering I have never been to the gym bit before. Ever.
When I was at school, in the sixth form, we had a great deal with a local pool to do a gym swim thing. I have always loved swimming. We just used to do the swim bit and then go and sit on the gym equipment and chat before cycling home. Ha x (The gym equipment was partly broken and no one ever showed us how to use it!)
So, last week was a first for me.
I loved the pool and the place is beautiful and if I ever go for a spa there I will get discounts, which all sounds pretty good to me.
On Friday, I went for my induction in the gym bit. The instructor couldn't quite believe that I had never been on a treadmill before.
Only at airports, I said.
The theory is, they give me an individual programme and a key which I put into the computer at the beginning and end of my time in the gym and each piece of equipment as I go round. It records my "progress"...
My initial aim is to do 10 minutes on each thing: bike, cross trainer (I always want to call it cross dresser) and treadmill. Otherwise known as the "dreadmill", for now, I think.
I did 2.... and felt quite proud. And tired.... and then went for a swim. My comfort zone.

I went for a swim yesterday again after work and loved it.
Tomorrow I will try and brave the gym again.

I wonder if I can remember how to use any of the equipment?
If not, I can either ask, cheat or press stop, right?

Are any of you gymophobics, like me?
I'd love to hear from you.
I will let you know how I get on too.

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