Monday, 19 April 2010

Week of 365 after the Easter Holidays

102 Monday. Back to work is a shock to the system. Good to be back though and not be doing my first day but nice to be home in time to notice my winter pansies have finally decided to make an appearance today!

103 Tuesday. Planned to scrapbook with friends but people cancelled one by one, so I decided to do some anyway.

104 Wednesday. Just chillin'

105 Thursday. We started talking about this book we are beginning to read (whilst eating chocolate biscuits) at housegroup this week.

106 Friday. Phew. Successfully completed the first week back after Easter and the weekend is here! Time to do some washing!

107 Saturday. A great chance for a relaxed start to the day with breakfast before spending time with the family.

108 Sunday. Time to be creative.

How was your week?

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