Sunday, 11 April 2010

Scrapbooking and Pamper Week

This has been the 2nd week of the Easter Holidays and I have loved it.
I have read, relaxed, retreated and refreshed.

I have been using more of this week to do some more scrapbooking. I am new to scrapbooking although heard about it a lot these last few years. My niece sent me home a couple of years ago after a visit to her in Boston, USA with what felt like a case full of scrapbook papers that she didn't want. We also chose a few bits and some card. I had armfuls of the stuff and there it sat untouched until I got to know my fellow scrapbooking friends here at church who inspired and encouraged me to start. So I have just started these last few months and we often meet each month. This holiday has been ideal to relax and unwind whilst being creative and do some more on my scrapbook pages.
I do still very much feel like the new kid on the block with it all, learning all the jargon and what I might need and making up page designs (or are they called layouts?) I recently learned what brads are (I called them fancy stick pins) and last week I realised what cardstock was! (I thought I just had a pack of card.) I have even used a few brads this week and thought they are funto use!
I have decided to go back through my life and replace all those yellowing/browning edges from those peel and stick albumsI had. I am now about age 8 and proud to be in new retro 1970's designs all quite funky I think on my 12" scrapbook pages. It has been such fun going back through my photos and all the memories adn fashions that go with it.I loved those knee high white patent plastic boots with the buckle. (Yes, I know they just look like I am wearing knee high socks but they were boots!)
I also have had a couple of days away on a bit of a treat myself to a spa retreat in a lovely hotel. I swam, did my nails, read magazines, took walks in the beautiful nearby parks and gardens and had a massage. The town is historically an old spa town so it was fun seeing where the old mineral baths originally were. They are now mini arcade boutique shops which were fun to mooch around but the corridors still had the beautiful turquoise tiles with the ornate coving to admire. I came back feeling all silky smooth from all those relaxing treatments and moisturisers and wanting to vow never to shower again for fear of removing all those delicious smells!
Sadly, perhaps, the shower has beckoned long before other less delightful smells overtake.
Back to work tomorrow too.

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