Thursday, 1 April 2010

Psalm 119 from my Journal

I have been doing a bit of a study on Psalm 119.
That's the really long one.
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As I went through it, I focussed on the God who is Generous.
I am not into the whole prosperity teaching but it was quite a refreshing theme to look at generosity as this facet of His character.
He is not mean but generous.
Generous in heart.
Generous in how He comunicates with us.
Generous in how he wants the best for us.
This psalm seemed to be full of some lovely phrases on generosity for me - His faithfulness, the way He doesn't keep things hidden, or a secret. He is not out to trip us up, to trick us or to watch us stumble and fall.
This Psalm is full of reference to His promise to show us the way to go and to reveal things to us.

Here are a few things that struck me. I wonder what strikes you?

1. God speaks straight from His heart so I can learn the pattern of His righteous ways.
2. He is the God of wisdom, who shows me how to live. His word is a map and He posts sign posts along the way.
3. He shares life with me and holds nothing back, so that I don't have to forget a word of what He tells me. He doesn't keep things hidden from me - He opens my eyes and reveals His miracle wonders! Wow!
4. He barricades the road to nowhere and His true road goes to somewhere.
5. He gives lessons in how to live and affirms His promises to me.
6. I can look out for the ancient landmarks. He blazes a trail before me. Ilove the sense of history here. The Alpha and Omega. The God who was and is and is to come.
7. He trains me in good common sense. He breathes wisdom over me so that I can understand Him. If I wait for Him, His word is hope. I need lots of this.
8. What He says goes and what He says stays. When everything falls apart around me, He puts me together again with His word. Can't get much better than that, eh?
9. His decisions are right. His testing teaches me what is right and true. He loves me and holds me tight. He comforts me so that I can live. Really live.
10 He looks kindly on those who personally love Him. His word of promise steadies my steps.

And finally, my prayer is this: The way He tells me live is always right. Help me to understand it so I can live to the fullest.

What is your prayer for today?

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