Friday, 23 April 2010

A Birthday Doorstop

Was it wrong to ask my sister for sand to put in her own birthday present?
Well, I asked her for some sand that I needed to make something stand and didn't tell her it was for her!

So, this week I have been making my sister her birthday present. Her birthday was on Wednesday, the same day as the Queen.
Here is what I made for her:
I had seen similar ideas around in stores, but they all seemed to be bright pinks and reds and not quite what she would like.

I chose the pretty burgundy and pink colour fabrics that I thought she might like.
I got sand from my sister in a bucket from behind her shed left by the builders. I dried it out on the radiators and added some pot pourri to make it smell nice :-)
So here is how I did it.
Step by step if you want to make your own doorstop. You could do any kind of "house", cottage, castle,zoo, greenhouse...
1. I drew a quick pattern. I used my cutting board as a guide.

Then cut out the pattern and the pieces in the colour fabrics you like.

You will need a lining too for the sand or dried peas that you choose to weight your doorstop with.
2. Sew up the lining ( I used curtain lining fabric) without a top and fill it with desired filling and then sew on the top.

3. Cut out windows and a door in plain fabric and any other details - like curtains or bunting or welly boots, or bird house, or wheelbarrow etc in desired plain and patterned mix. I used plain fabric for the base fabric, another plain fabric for the windows and patterned for the curtains. I did 2 pieces of fabric for the base to give it extra strength.

4. Cut out the same of each of these pieces in interfacing. I used iron on interfacing as it is easy to use. It strengthens the fabric slightly and stops the edges fraying when you applique them on.

5. Zig zag stitch each window etc and then the 2nd contrasting fabrics and details like bunting and curtains. Pin or tack them in place as they are a bit small and fiddly. I used a contrasting thread too for all of my edges, but you could match it for the fabric. Your choice!

6. Sew up the front and sides and bottom in the plain fabric using a straight stitch. I used a green coloured fabric.

7. I decided to use a patterned fabric for the roof, but plain would also work. I pinned and stitched a line of pastel pink bric brack onto each panel of the roof for decoration. I then used some lining fabric and hemmed it all around the 3 edges (like a pillow case) onto the patterned roof shapes. Turn it inside out and sew up the edge. I did it on the machine as an extra edge pattern.
8. Sew the 2 roof panel shapes onto the house shape edge.

Add any buttons or funky stitches you like. You could do roses around the door using a mix of cross or chain stitch and french knots in pretty coloured embroidery threads. I added a "with love" label too which I bought by the metre. my doorstop is a bit of a gardening theme as my sister likes gardening. I used a watering can button and plant pot button. I added a few coloured buttons to make a plant pot to sit by the front door.

9. Stuff the sand/bean bag inside and then hand sew the top edges of the 2 roof panels together and Tada!
You have your doorstop.

10. I put it in a gift bag and took it round to my sisters for her birthday along with the empty sand bucket I had borrowed. She said it was a heavy parcel and I said: "thanks for the sand." We giggled for a while and she said it was fab and smiled. Then she sneezed. Oops. I guess she is allergic to the pot pourri in the sand! Happy sneezy Birthday!

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  1. I am not sure my comment is showing?! I said what an amazing gift this is ! Thanks for your sweet comment and the choc chips tip bread!


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