Friday, 5 March 2010

2 Weeks for 365

Just where have the last 2 weeks gone?
I remember going back to work after a blissful week off was a bit of shock!
I have had a few days where it has been a bit of a struggle to be creative with taking photos in between work but I have done my best.
I took some photos and have now got round to posting them.
So here is week 8 and most of week 9.
Wekk 8 starts with day 53/365 - Monday - the last week of February already.
My labour saving sauce from a jar. The rest of the story is on my blog post. It seemed like such a good idea at the time!

54/365- Tuesday
Went shopping for a few bargains with my friend Abbie after work. I couldn't resist from one discount outlet shop!

55/365- Wednesday
I went to the opticians and saw so many bright lights, dots and blue lights and green lights and so sunglasses and a lie down were needed for a while.

Thursday 56/365
Using the new bargain teapot with the girls for house group! I love this teapot - and it matches some of my mugs perfectly!

57/365 Friday - the bin men left me a new re-cycling bag after I left them another note! Yippee! My notes worked in the end!Thank You bin men!

Saturday day 58/365
Barn Dance at church - brilliant. Some even dressed up! Ye-ha!

Sunday day 59/365
St.David's Day is March 1st - so brought a bunch of daffodils to celebrate and enjoy!

And week 9:
Monday March 1st - day 60/365
Maybe Spring is on the way? 5.30pm and still daylight! Woohoo!It is sooo nice to drive home in daylight. Cant wait to enjoy the evening light.Soon!

Tuesday March 2nd - 61/365
Daffodils unfolding - aren't they amazing!

Wednesday March 3rd - 62/365

Thursday March 4th - 63/365
A pile of cakes - need I say more? Girly chick cake group night!

Friday March 5th - 64/365
Perfect for the weekend!

I love daffodils, don't you?
Have a lovely weekend!

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