Friday, 12 March 2010

Week 10 already of 52 for 365 in 2010

The end of week 9 and Week 10
Spring is in the air. I love it. Bring it on.
Saturday 65/365
Looking for and finding inspiration for ideas for designing my nieces wedding cake in June.

Sunday 66/365
Lazing on a Sunday afternoon

Monday 67/365
An evening walk, watching the sun set. Beautiful. Nearly got locked in the local park. They close at dusk. Is dusk before sunset? Was I late and all the other people still in the park when the gates closed? Or did the park keeper leave early?

Tuesday 68/365
TV, chatting with friends on the phone and enjoying these lilies.

69/365 Wednesday
Off out to dinner so took these as a gift. Dinner was yummy. I hope they enjoyed these truffles.

70/365 Thursday
Was sick on the way home from work.

71/365 Friday
Yippee for parcels containing some craft supplies. A very welcome and timely arrival for the weekend!

Hope I feel well enough to be creative with them all.
Head still a bit fuzzy today.

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