Sunday, 28 March 2010

Week 12 of 365 and the holidays are here!

Yippee for the holidays!
It has been a busy last week of term with several deadlines.
A few deadlines at work and some for me too before the Easter holidays.
Saturday day 79/365
Last weekend was busy getting last few bits ready for the completion of the banners.
We have been working on these banners for the last 18 months. A bit of a project for us girly chicks. we wanted them completed to present them in church for Palm Sunday.

Sunday 80/365 Guinness cupcakes.

Monday 81/365 Sewing on the tassels on to the banners. The end is in sight.

Tuesday 82/365 Easter Fayre at work. I didn't win the big egg so had this to eat at home instead. Yummy. Ahh Cadbury. Will you ever be the same?

Wednesday 83/365 An evening to catch up and share chocolate and a cuppa with a friend.

Thursday 84/365 A perfect Girly cheese and Encouragement Night!

Friday 85/365 End of term. Oven ready curry, crappy telly and this rather nice bottle of Belgian beer.

Saturday 86/365 Last few stitches and all done.

Sunday 87/365 Palm Sunday. Banners presented at Church.

I did it.
Hooray for the holidays.
2 weeks of doing fun stuff!(and hopefully lots of chocolate too!)

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