Sunday, 7 March 2010

Lazy Lu Sunday

Today I decided to have a Lazy Lu Sunday.
Tudur was well up for a relaxing day, following me around and chillin'.

I wanted to spend some more quality time reading and praying and had some work to do in preparation for the week ahead.
Plans for a lovely long walk yesterday were cut short as it turned into a dreary grey day. After a quick and somewhat disappointing walk I had come home and had became a bit of a hermit for the test of the day. My walk hadn't lifted my soul yesterday.

So today was a new day full of promise and I didn't go to church but instead spent time on some quality 1:1 time reading and praying whilst drinking several cups of coffee! Bliss!I caught up on some work too whilst listening to the radio and bought supplies for the week ahead.
After lunch I went to the zoo as it had turned into such a beautiful day as promised and what I hoped for.

It made a change from my usual stroll around my local park and was fun to be there in the sunshine instead of the rain and snow. The animals seemed to like being out in the fresh air too!

Now home and warm, drinking tea, watching crappy telly and reading my book.
A refreshing Lazy Lu Sunday!

Rather like this cheeky monkey at the top of the pole, I have enjoyed a fresh look at life from a new perspective.

How about you?


  1. sounds like a FABULOUS sunday! :-)

  2. Loving that monkey at the top of the pole! Glad you had a relaxing Sunday. Mine was too. It was rainy and stormy here as well. I sat down with my computer and got lost doing some family tree searching. I couldn't believe how many hours had passed when I came out of my ancestoral trance!
    Hope you're having a great week~


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