Saturday, 20 March 2010

Week 11 for Project 365

Week 11 in project 365 has,among some other things, seen beautiful things springing to life in my garden! Yippee for Spring!
I love my little garden but every year I seem to forget when I am supposed to plant bulbs. Hmpff. Every year in January it seems, I say to my big sister "Can I plant bulbs now?" She just laughs and says Nooo, silly. You have to do it in the Autumn. So this year, as promised, she reminded me. In September - October time, off we went to the garden centre and chose a selection and bargain bulbs together. Of course I wanted everything but she is very sensible and practical and wise. We decided against crocus and snowdrops as the bulbs were soo tiddly small and she said they are awkward and often don't grow. We settled on mini iris, mini dark red tulips and mini daffodils. I feel like I have waited ages and ages for them to begin to appear!
Saturday day 72/365
My last few loaves have been a disaster. I think I must have got into a bad habit of shaking the cups of flour resulting in the flour becoming packed. The mixture then has too much flour and it doesnt mix well.Yuk. Problem solved. Welcome back lovely bread!I missed you!

Sunday - Mother's Day - 73/365
I was just delighted to discover this beautiful surprise!

Monday 74/365
Beautiful morning sunshine bursting through this window at the Cathedral we went to visit on a school trip!

Tuesday 75/365
Coffee and friends.

Wednesday 76/365
So exciting!

Thursday 77/365
Banners with the girls! Nearly there. Lots still to do but progress is being made!

Friday 78/365
Friday morning Glory!

Hope your week in project 365 has been good.
Happy weekend.
It is raining here now.

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  1. That Cathederal window is absolutely gorgeous! What a pretty sight~
    I love your bulbs coming up and bringing spring with them. I have a few daffodils & hyacinths blooming and it just makes me smile. I always tend to think about planting them in the spring as well and need to set myself a note to get some Iris bulbs this fall. So pretty~


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