Saturday, 31 October 2009

Tudur the handy cat!

Since the first day I had Tudur, he has been fascinated with the washing up,( he watches it every time), the gurgling of water down the sink or bath and the washing machine. He often sits and watches the washing machine whirring.
My washing machine is rather old and sometimes leaks a bit,randomly.
It is always noisy.
I think Tudur thought he would offer his help in fixing it, the other a handy cat!

ah yes, the washing machine. I'll just watch it for a while...

I think this might be the bum!

Time for a tea break, I think.

oooh... it will cost you...hmm.yes. Big problem.

Thank you, Tudur.
It is still noisy and still randomly leaks!

1 comment:

  1. He's still a kitten. Give it a while and then let him try again, I'm sure once he's a grown-up cat he'll be able to fix it.


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