Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Hunt the chocolate game, with a bridal favour twist.

Last night, a few of my friends - we call ourselves the groovy girlie cake chicks, gathered to celebrate with Emily, who gets married next week! We usually eat cake together and laugh 'til we cry. Sometimes we make creative things or spontaneously pray for each other, but last night was in honour of the Bride to be.

Emily really likes cheese, so we had a wonderful selection of cheese and biscuits, pickles and I made bread, with my new breadmaker, from my friend Rachel. (Olive with rosemary and Italian herb bread, which I made with oregano, basil and thyme).
We often play traditional British childhood favourite games together, as girlie chicks when it is someone's birthday. Hunt the chocolate is a firm favourite! To give the game a bridal twist, we put the chocolate and sweets/candy into some netting cut into squares, like bridal favours and tied them ribbon.

I hid them around the house before everyone arrived...

..... and then everyone dashes off and grabs (literally!) as many as they can.

We then count them, to see who has the most.

Last night we threw them all into the air....

.... like confetti!

Have a lovely wedding Emily!

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