Friday, 23 October 2009

The Demonstration

I was quite surprised when my sister asked me if I wanted to got to a demonstration with her a few weeks ago. My mind immediately went to placards and billboards, chanting and marching. She said it was to be at our local cathedral and I thought maybe it would be one of those silent vigils with candles and that it must be something quite significantly important for my sister to want to be part of it and for her to ask me to go too. I must have asked her something really stupid at this point, as she gave me one of those big sister is bemused looks.I managed to muster well what sort of demonstration is it, I mean I might not want to demonstrate against it as I might not agree with it?
She then got the giggles, which was most unfortunate as we were in church at the time. In between giggles, she began to tell me that it was chocolate. Aaah, a chocolate demonstration. Watching someone make delicious things to try and copy and eat... with chocolate. Not marching, or billboards or silent vigil then. No. Aaah.
The demonstration was this week.
Sadly, the chocolatier had broken his leg and was unable to hobble along but we did watch and make: earrings, a flower corsage and a merry monk!

The merry monk could easily be adapted to be any figurine such as an angel, a shepherd or a knight or Darth Vader I think with the appropriate colours of fondant icing. To make your own cake topper: use a cube of fondant for the base(we put a dip in the middle of the front of it for the arms to rest on), the head is oval shaped, a circle cut out for the gown, sausage shape for the arms. add features like hands, wings, helmet, hands, eyes, hair.
I will wear one of the pairs of earrings and the corsage at my friend Emily's wedding tomorrow.

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