Friday, 16 October 2009

Tudur at the vets

Yes, the time came for Tudur to go to the vet, for the all important "snip". Today. All done. He was very brave and everyone loved him at the vets. ( My proud cat owner moment). They said he is the best cat they have had there ever and that he brought them such joy. The receptionist then said how he had "bopped" the vet on the head with his paw! - he does it to me too, when he is trying to get my attention.... he did it to me this morning, when he thought, perhaps, that I had "forgotten" to feed him! I thought he might come home and be sleepy, cry and walk all wonky and dizzy for a few days..... he has, however, run around chasing ribbons and been jumping in and out of a box!
Just as well, as Emily and I have been busy decorating her Wedding cake!

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