Monday, 19 October 2009

Finally, what I made... with buttons...

This weekend, I finally got around to creating what has been in my head for ages. When each of my great nieces and nephews have arrived, I have made them a decorated picture frame.(Yes, I am a great aunt!)
For the boys, I painted with glass paints on cheap clip frames, to give lots of space for the borders, their names along the bottom, some trains/cars along the top edge and a border of triangles/squares on the side edges.
When the girls arrived I painted on wooden frames and tore pastel shades of tissue paper and stuck it on, adding sequins for some extra sparkle. Along each edge I wrote Welcome, special, loved and their name.
Then came the surprise baby niece! Premature, by 8 weeks, my plan for the design of this photo frame has consequently stayed in my head as her welcome gifts were emergency premature baby sized clothes!
A year has flown by... and the baby has grown.... but here, finally.... is what I made for her!

For this one, I used metallic coloured paint for the frame and stuck on ribbon and colourful buttons.
I will give it to her next week, when I see her.


  1. thanks. I am hoping one will look just as cute in blue shades! x


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