Tuesday, 8 December 2009

To tree or not to tree?

I love Christmas trees and the opportunity they bring to have fun decorations to hang and lights and sparkle and bling. My kitten, Tudur, is 7 months old and loves leaping around, especially whilst he is hidden in a big yellow bag. This causes him to fly across the room at great speed.

The other day, I discovered the big yellow bag upstairs!
So my dilemma has been this: to tree or not to tree this year....?
I have visions (nightmares) of the tree, lights, decorations and kitten flying around the room and landing with a crash in a heap of broken mess.
As an alternative, I have some precious old vintage baubles that I really don't want broken, so I have put them in a big glass cylinder and they look lovely.

I am very pleased with them and everyone thinks they are great too.
I then hung some of my non-breakable decorations on my lighted twigs...
and thought that would be it.

But it's not the same.
I miss my tree...
and half the lighted twigs are now considerably more light less as most of the lights are broken and irreplaceable as I have had it for several years now.
I have now lived with my alternative half lighted twigs for over a week I realised that I really miss having a tree...
So, to add to the festive spirit of joy and fun and merriment, last night I went out with my friend Abbie...
and brought this...

My Christmas tree!
A 4ft high Norway spruce.
Isn't it lovely?
Sitting beautifully in it's stand with water and just waiting to be decorated - or leapt on - whichever happens first!
Today, I aim to add my lights, some extremely cheap plastic non breakable baubles I found in a local store and move my decorations from the half lit twigs. I will hopefully make some more and get some photos before the tree and afore mentioned contents go flying!
Ah. My Christmas tree.
I love my Christmas tree.
I am very happy.
I wonder what Tudur thinks?

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