Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Happy Advent 2009!

Let The preparations begin!
It's nearly Christmas!
I am just a little bit a lot excited! (can you tell?)
Of course there is loads to do on my list that includes:
1. cards to write
2. gifts to make
3. few things to buy
4. food to prepare
5. lovely decorations to make and hang.
My home made advent creation is still not quite complete but I have had loads of fun working on it today and will show you step by step how I did it very soon!

I wonder what is on your list of things to do and what you are expecting to happen during this advent season?
My expectations include hearing from many friends with newsletters, cards, emails and hopefully seeing some friends and family too. I also would love to have a new job in the new year, so hope to find a suitable job to apply for.

I received my first Christmas card today!
All the way from S.Korea from my friend Kat who just went there for a year last month.It was complete with greetings written in English and Korean. Thanks Kat!

It is all a work in progress during this advent season for me and the countdown has begun.
24 days to go!
24 sleeps
And counting.
Enjoy all your Christmas preparations this Advent season, the time to get ready to celebrate the coming of Christ: Immanuel God With Us.

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