Wednesday, 30 December 2009

How to make a cake impression

My friend Rachel from sent me a message and link today - about a fabulous picture of an amazing cake she saw here...
I am impressed, are you?
Monet eat your heart out! Literally, I guess.
thanks Rachel for the link!
I am beginning to relax now for a few days. Hurrah!
Today was the last day in my other job I have had recently, in the "bling shop" as I have been calling it! When my shift was about to end my niece and her husband and 3 children came in to the store. They were all very excited and pleased to see me at work! They then came back to my place for a while to play with the growing kitten, Tudur! They love him but he is a bit overwhelmed by their eagerness to make friends with him. Especially the youngest,Rebecca, who is 1. She is very mobile now and can corner Tudur very well indeed! She shrieks with joy as she tries to stroke him. He tries to oblige and not move backwards. Good boy. The eldest,Luke, 8, loves to throw things up and down the stairs for him to chase, which he loves. It was going well, until he nearly slid down the stairs with his socks on. Then the middle niece, Hannah, 5, just likes to follow him everywhere too.
They did try and follow him out of the cat flap at one point!

I now have a few days off before starting my new job in the New Year.
New Year - that is soon!
I am planning a quiet new year. I want to do some scrapbooking, watch TV, catch up with cleaning and laundry and tidying the Christmas decorations away and any other things I can find time to tidy away or throw out!
After reading that list, it could be quite a bust few days, after all!
Either way, it will be quality me time with me and Tudur and my new slippers from the bling shop. Aah. goodtimes.
Have fun in whatever way you celebrate the new year.
Happy 2010!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I'm so glad somebody enjoyed that cake as much as I do!


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