Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Making Blankets

When a child arrives into your home through adoption, they bring all their personal belongings with them: clothes, toys, cutley and crockery, suitcase for clothes, storage boxes for toys, towles, toiletries and their own familiar bedding. When I did the photos of the bedroom for her special photo album, I thought I couldn't take a picture of just an empty bed, so I got the jungle quilt which seemed fun - and she loves it! I really wanted to make some things but knew she would come with all her own familiar spare duvet covers, so was wondering what I could make to add my own personal new mummy touch. I made these balnkets:
I used a plain fleece material and patterned funky t-shirt material printed fabric for the other side. This adds colour and fun without the blankets being too huge and heavy. Once I had sewn them up right sides together I turned them to their right sides and sewed inside the edge all the way around - to act as a bit of a hem and to help the fabric feel a bit more secure - at least in my own head, anyway! They are perfect and dearly loved, as well as being cosy and warm for these cold wintry and snowy days!

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